$500 Referral Bonus


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Participate in our Referral Bonus Program

NRS Consulting is continually growing and looking for new clients.  As an added incentive to help us find them, we are now offering a $500 Referral Bonus to anyone who successfully refers a paying client. 


Not sure whom to refer?

Here are some examples of prototypical clients for NRS Consulting:


  • A higher education, cultural, or non-profit institution that needs to take control of the planning and execution of its capital program and/or operating budget.
  • A small company that has grown faster than its information management systems, and therefore would benefit from a centralized database system to organize and synthesize its data.
  • An organization that occasionally has a need for financial and/or real estate analysis, but does not want to hire a full-time employee due to the limited workload.
  • An individual who is trying to keep track of a large amount of information and is frustrated that their current recordkeeping methods are no longer accurate and efficient.



Call us today at (617) 251-6624 for further information about the Referral Program.



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